1. A small step away from what you'd traditionally order in a restaurant: Smoked salmon roll (with sriracha mayo)
    Ignore the fork and spoon--we ran out of chopsticks!
    Shrimp tempura topped with avocado and wasabi sauce.
    Not too shabby for my first roll.

    Sushi 101:

    Friday Sushi lessons with mom! After I learned to roll a California roll, husband and Mom got to the meat of the work while dad and I held down the rest of the fort. :)

    Please do ignore the fork and spoon abomination: we ran out of chopsticks.


  2. Georgia in a nutshell.


  3. Color study.


  4. Brilliant, lovely wedding idea!
Have your guests sign Jenga blocks and save them for your newylwed game night.


  5. Mercer beats Duke.


  6. Cherry Blossom season.



  8. family birthdays.


  9. New baby = love.


  10. The South still offers working grist mills, where you walk in, and a man processes grist in one corner of the room through old, wooden technology while his daughter works the cash register and answers any questions.