1. Beacons of light.


  2. Press conference.


  3. Mercer pride.


  4. Good Friday.


  5. A small step away from what you'd traditionally order in a restaurant: Smoked salmon roll (with sriracha mayo)
    Ignore the fork and spoon--we ran out of chopsticks!
    Shrimp tempura topped with avocado and wasabi sauce.
    Not too shabby for my first roll.

    Sushi 101:

    Friday Sushi lessons with mom! After I learned to roll a California roll, husband and Mom got to the meat of the work while dad and I held down the rest of the fort. :)

    Please do ignore the fork and spoon abomination: we ran out of chopsticks.


  6. Georgia in a nutshell.


  7. Color study.


  8. Brilliant, lovely wedding idea!
Have your guests sign Jenga blocks and save them for your newylwed game night.


  9. Mercer beats Duke.


  10. Cherry Blossom season.